Maritime Education and Training Ireland

Registration is required in order to access the Seafarers Information System. You can register either as a Seafarer or for a Certificate Verification Account. 


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Register as a Seafarer


If you hold a Certificate of Competency or a Radio Certificate, a Seafarer Identification Number (SIN) will already have been assigned to you. When registered, this SIN can be used to login and should be used on all future correspondence with the Mercantile Marine Office. To request your SIN, please register using the links on this page.


You will need a Seafarer Identification Number (SIN) before any certificate is issued to you. 




Register for a Certificate Verification Account


If you are a Maritime Administration or other body with a legitimate interest, you may apply for access to the Register of Seafarers where you can check the validity of a Certificate of Competency online. If you have not been issued with Certificate Verification Account you will need to register for access the certificate verification portal.


Note: Access to the certificate verification portal is restricted. Once your account information has been submitted and checked, you will receive an email containing a link that you can use to activate your account. Checking of your details is only done during office hours and it may take several days for your account to be activated.